Healthy Eating

Eating a balanced and healthy diet is a life choice that does not understand holidays or vacations. Think of it this way: do you teach your children manners only from Monday to Friday? No, of course not, you teach them every day of their lives. The same thing happens with food: it is our duty to teach them to eat well every day no matter if we are on vacation. It’s true that during the holidays, we usually go out more and that sometimes ends up influencing the quality of the food eaten by the whole family. Let’s be honest, we often opt for fast food both inside and outside the home because the children get very hungry, it has become late and we do not want to cook. That’s why today, we bring you some ideas to continue with the healthy diet of the whole family, even when you’re on vacation and don’t feel like spending the day in the kitchen.

A fresh and healthy diet for the summer

From Educo, we want to invite you to continue preparing a balanced weekly menu for children even if we are on holiday and we assure you that it is not necessary to spend the day cooking. You can enjoy your leisure time and feed your little ones in a varied way.

One of the most important factors in maintaining a healthy diet throughout the year is buying responsibly: if you have healthy food in the fridge and pantry, you can prepare whatever you want! For example, did you know that with sliced bread, fried tomato, cheese and some vegetables you can make a delicious pizza? If you opt for wholemeal bread, you will be increasing the children’s fibre consumption and if you take the opportunity to place some finely chopped vegetables under the cheese, your children won’t even notice that they are eating vegetables.

An even healthier option is to use aubergines or zucchini to create a vegetable pizza: cut a slice of these vegetables about 2 cm thick to use as a base and then put fried tomato and cheese on top. It’s delicious, isn’t it? If the little ones don’t stop begging for a good hamburger, take advantage of this factor. In 15 minutes you’ll have a quick, healthy dinner for the whole family: grate a previously peeled zucchini (you can also choose carrot or the vegetable you like best) and mix it with minced meat. Make some homemade burgers and serve them with melted cheese, tomato and lettuce on wholemeal bread.

Carbohydrates are at the base of the infant food pyramid, that’s why we suggest you have pasta in the fridge or pantry. You can serve them with a spinach pesto, for example, to accompany the carbohydrates of a dose of vegetables without having to spend hours in the kitchen preparing a homemade tuco. Do you have chicken leftovers in the fridge? Then cut some tomatoes, crumble the chicken, add corn and peas and if you want, include rice (you can even buy cooked and frozen rice, so you only need a boil to get it ready) and in the blink of an eye you’ll have delicious stuffed tomatoes.

Of course, you can vary the chicken for tuna… What’s so easy? As you can see, all you have to do is let your imagination run wild. With few ingredients you can prepare fast and healthy meals and dinners! without resorting to frozen sausages or nuggets. The most important thing is that you know how to choose the food when you make the purchase.

Healthy recipes to take to the beach

Don’t you know what to take to the beach? Don’t get overwhelmed, it’s also possible to prepare food for the whole family in a jiffy and without abusing precooked foods, mayonnaise or fried foods. Do you have frozen spinach and eggs? Then you have the perfect food to go to the beach: Spinach and egg omelette muffins. Defrost the spinach in the microwave or by immersing it in boiling water, drain it and grab some muffin moulds.

Make each one with an egg and a little spinach, season with salt and bake until it sets. The best thing about this recipe is that you can prepare it with what you have in the fridge: it will look good with corn or broccoli instead of spinach (or with any other vegetable) and even if you add tuna it will be delicious. Salads are also very popular on the beach because they can be eaten easily from the tupper! A pasta salad is a good option if it is accompanied by vegetables, cheese and fish as in the option we leave you in the link.

Also quiches can be interesting for the beach basket because they are eaten well both cold and hot. A quiche with ham and cheese, vegetables or even vegetables and chicken will delight the whole family! And if you have leftover chicken or meat in the fridge, don’t hesitate to prepare some skewers including the meat or chicken in small pieces, along with tomatoes, cheese, avocado and whatever you can think of!

A healthy diet all year round for everyone

As we told you, healthy eating is a choice of life, something we must respect all year round. For this reason, in Educo we continue to work in summer so that thousands of children throughout Spain receive a healthy meal a day. Do you know that we collaborate with a minimum of 50% of a scholarship canteen in different schools in the country? And during the holidays, we present the summer scholarships that allow many children to receive a balanced and healthy meal a day.

On the right to food, the first objective is to eliminate poverty, we like very much to talk about the right to food without taking much into account what we mean. We are talking about peoples being able to have sustainable development, about peoples being able to be independent. This is splashed by globalization, by capitalism taken to its extreme… The Food Law Observatory has just been created in Spain, with several universities, to carry out research and put pressure on the political sphere.

I believe that food education should be included in the school curriculum, but from the point of view of skills. I do not believe that in the future there will be a subject of healthy eating and if there is, danger. We do not have to tell people that they have to eat. We should approach it from the point of view of health education and as individuals we should be able to make good decisions whatever the context.