The Secrets To Healthy Eating

Don’t miss this post with the definitive simple guidelines and tips for healthy eating.

Everyone wants to have a healthy lifestyle, is a mantra that we repeat until satiety but how do you do it? Living a healthy life is based on three basic principles: diet, exercise and rest. To begin with, making the decision to make the change is already a big step, but many times we don’t know where to start. If we have spent a lot of time wearing bad habits – eating badly, stressed out and sedentary – it will be more difficult, almost impossible, to change overnight and we may end up giving up.

That’s why we give you the definitive guidelines below so that you can begin the change towards a better diet and don’t stay in the attempt, keeping in time what you’ve learned.

The importance of planning

If we want to eat a balanced diet, planning is essential. First we have to plan the weekly menu. It won’t take more than half an hour and it will allow us to save a lot of time afterwards and avoid the improvisation that often leads us to eat anything. Then plan the purchase of what we need to prepare the recipes of what we will eat. The list of what we need will make us not forget anything that is missing in the pantry. It will allow us to avoid compulsive shopping (your pocket will thank you) and save time walking down the aisles of the supermarket.

The purchase

In order to have a healthy diet it is essential to make the purchase in a healthy way. It is essential that the main characters, and not the guest artists, in your shopping basket are fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds in their most natural state. A good olive oil is also a must. These vegetable ingredients provide us with a large part of the vitamins, minerals, fibre and essential nutrients to be in top form, so they cannot be missing from your daily diet. A trick: the more colours you have on your plate, the more variety of nutrients you will eat.

Introduce good quality protein into your diet: lean meats such as chicken or turkey, and fish are good sources of protein for our diet. Legumes, when combined with cereals such as bread, pasta and rice, also provide us with high quality protein. Cook them in a healthy way and accompany them with vegetables whenever possible. On the other hand, good hydration is also essential for a healthy diet. Water should be the main drink and we should limit the consumption of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.


Once we have the shopping at home, it’s time to put it away. The way in which we preserve food is essential to get the most out of our recipes. So, for example, in general it is always advisable to store clean vegetables in plastic bags with a little paper to absorb moisture, and preferably place them in the drawer under the refrigerator.

The fruits are kept at room temperature in a place with good current. On the other hand, perishable fruits such as strawberries, plums, apricots or nisperos should be stored in the freezer (as they say in North America and also in Latin) when they are ripe. And even freeze them and have them on hand to make smoothies and natural ice creams when you feel like it.

To keep all their properties intact, store cereals, legumes and seeds in glass containers with a good lid and place them in a dry, dark place.

Preparation of ingredients

Although it may seem obvious, first of all we must have all the ingredients of the recipe prepared. It will help us to have all the effort and concentration fixed in the preparation of the recipe.

We will wash all vegetables with cold water and without chopping, because if we wash them after cutting them, many minerals are lost by dissolution, which diminishes their taste and nutritional qualities. For the same reason, we will avoid prolonged soaking. It is useful to have a brush to clean vegetables. As for cereals (brown rice, quinoa, oats, buckwheat…) they must be washed before cooking and the best way to do this is by immersion and decanting the water.


Just as important is what we eat as the way we cook it. The way we cook food also has consequences on the nutritional properties of the food. The oven, the steamer and the wok are our best friends to lose the minimum. Of all the nutrients, vitamin C is the one that is easiest to lose by the way when we cook vegetables, that is why it is good that we do not miss the consumption of raw vegetables. For example, don’t miss salads, gazpachos, green smaoothies and lots of fresh fruit in your diet.

Now all you have to do is choose a healthy recipe (we have some on our blog) and together with the guidelines we have given you we can assure you that cooking and eating a healthy diet is going to be a piece of cake!