It’s organic citrus season!

It’s citrus season! All citrus fruits are real gold mines of nutritional goodness. Let us tell you some interesting things about them…


Well, we all know they’re very rich in vitamin C. For example, only one orange contains approximately 65 mg, the recommended daily intake for this important nutrient, but there are many more wonderful benefits of citrus! For example, did you know that they also have a high content of potassium and other minerals, as well as being a good source of soluble fibre?

Another wonderful thing about citrus? Fight fat! Haven’t you noticed when you go to a restaurant where you’ve eaten succulent fish or seafood or tasty ribs and are given at the end of your meal a small lemon towel or a small container of lemon water to clean your sticky, fat-saturated fingers? Well, it’s that simple. It turns out that citrus fruits act as cleansers in the same way inside the body, helping in the digestion and utilization of fat! It’s great, isn’t it?

Here are some other fun and interesting details about citrus fruits that you’ll find in our varied family boxes and fruit-business boxes:


  • We serve you organic oranges, ripened on the tree without chemical processes. They arrive when time, temperature and the earth desire it. Natural organic oranges are different because they ripen on the tree and follow their natural course until they are cut.
  • Our organic oranges come from our producer friend José Antonio, from Málaga, who takes them directly from the tree. For this reason, at the beginning of the season the fruits tend to be a little more acidic. As the season progresses, the concentration of sugars increases and the harvest becomes sweeter. The first organic oranges of the season are of the Navelinas variety.
  • Delicious meals to bite gajo to gajo, especially now that it is in its best moment, also delicious the famous juice, a glass contains approximately 125 mg of vitamin C.
  • Of all citrus fruits, oranges contain the highest amount of vitamin A (such as beta-carotene), which can help us fight infections by supporting the immune system, along with vitamin C intake.


  • Our organic grapefruit comes fresh from an area of Valencia, specifically Alzira, where there is a small cooperative of farmers who also offer us lemons.
  • It is a highly versatile food in the kitchen, combines orange juice with grapefruit and carrot, add it to your salads, prepare delicious dressings.
  • Consuming them burns as many calories as they contain, so it’s an excellent option for those trying to lose weight.
Organic Raw Red Blood Oranges on a Background


  • Now we can have organic lemons sent to us from a valley in the Valencian orchard, the area with the highest production of quality citrus fruits in the country.
  • Excellent detoxifier, cleaner, purifier and rejuvenator. Especially in the liver.
  • Lemon water stimulates gastric juices when drunk 20 to 30 minutes before eating.
  • A good source of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.


  • Ecological tangerines of the season. Although the former still have greenish skin (as they mature from the inside out) and have an acid spot, they are sweet and juicy.
  • They come from the organic garden of our farmer friend Joaquim de Tortosa.
  • We will enjoy the mioro and clementine varieties.
  • Although it provides less vitamin C than other citrus fruits, it is also an excellent source.

And after all this, we can only tell you to make the most of the season, and not leave your diet free of these wonders that nature now offers and that we bring you directly from the garden to your home.


A charming selection of citrus and seasonal fruits: oranges, grapefruit, mandarins, lemon and pomegranate.
Seeds or nuts to decorate (remember that we also have organic nuts that you can order along with your weekly box).
Dressing: olive oil, ginger, turmeric, pepper, pinch of sea salt, teaspoon of honey, juice of half a lemon and juice of a tangerine.


First, prepare the dressing by energetically mixing all the ingredients. Reserve. Next, cut the fruit horizontally to make “discs”. (Of course, this is a way to cut the citrus fruits. Do as you like!)
Place the fruit slices on a tray and pour the dressing on top. Decorate with nuts or seeds and pomegranate seeds. They also go great with persimmon.