TikTok: Getting More Fans, Followers

If you post your videos to Tik Tok, you’re not just doing it for yourself and a few friends. If you can collect a few Likes or hearts from Tik Tok, it’s good for the ego and if many fans follow you, it’s so much fun to post again. We’ve put together a few tips for you to help you get more followers and likes.

Our tips are based on comparisons of successful Tik-Tok accounts and similar mechanisms that can bring you to buy tiktok likes , for example. Some mechanisms are speculative, while others are common sense. What you should definitely do without are providers who promise you like hacks and follower cheats. In most cases they are fraudulent and it is not uncommon for you to get rid of your accounts.

Tik Tok: More fans, more hearts – the tips

Have you ever wondered how someone gets to over 2 million fans without being a “real celebrity”? And how he gets absurdly many hearts/ikes every day with Tik Tok?

Then just think about how it came that you noticed that. You may not have been looking for users who have millions of Tik-Tok fans. You noticed it more by the way when you looked at the profile of someone you were following. And you follow it for various reasons:

Maybe someone shared a video of him with you and you decided to follow him.

It may also be that you happened to see a video in your feed and followed it after you liked another video. This already gives you two reasons to follow someone and try to imitate them. Basically all this can be summed up in one tip, but it’s much easier than it sounds:

Produce cool, original videos that many people want to see.

Sure, that’s a great tip. You could have come up with that yourself, couldn’t you? It’s that simple. But in fact it’s one of the most important requirements to get a lot of Tik-Tik fans and -Likes.

Tik Tok: Likes, fans and followers – this is how it works

In fact, with Tik Tok or Instagram, anyone can become a star if they only follow a few rules. The most important thing – besides interesting videos – is patience and persistence. Don’t give up, the Tik-Tok fans come slowly and in several stages, until it becomes an avalanche sometime.

Here are some tips to help you dust off Tik Tok fans and Likes:

You have to pay attention to the quality of your videos and don’t get lazy or rest on your laurels.
Collect ideas and write them down. Think about it from time to time and try out how they look in a video.
Invents hashtags. Use Hashtags, for example, to establish your own “brand” by repeatedly using days that no one else uses. That’s how you can be recognized, that’s what interested parties can search for.
Stick to the point. To be really successful, you should (almost) publish at least one video every day.

Analyze your own successes and failures, but also those of others. See what ideas have brought you many or few followers and likes. Look at the stars, for which videos they got very many or few Likes. This will give you a clue on how to make your own style more successful.

Tik-Tok Effects and Filters

A few other tips you just have to try out – for example the Tik-Tok effects and filters. They don’t have to be used at any price. Less is more. There’s nothing to say against slow-motion here and there. But otherwise you should only use them if they amplify what you want to “say”.

“Reaction Videos” are a good way to be attached to someone else’s success. You should also use this technique at the beginning of your “career”. The video shows you how this works. But important: Don’t make fun of others – it often comes back like a boomerang.

If you are able to make a duet with others, use this feature to make yourself better known. The hype about the new social network is and this can also be useful at the beginning of your career to collect followers from Tik Tok and if you are known, it makes you come across nice and natural.

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